Specialty Provider

We Make Specialty Benefits Easy.

Unlock the potential for enhanced health outcomes with Alivi’s specialty benefits. We’re dedicated to closing critical care gaps, simplifying member experiences, and easing the complexities of benefits administration. Our mission is to connect your members with superior health results that are just around the corner.

Our Network

Boasting a robust network of providers tailored to meet the diverse needs of your members, Alivi providers offer an extensive array of services at convenient locations. Each provider in our network undergoes a rigorous vetting process, ensuring they not only meet state and federal requirements but also adhere to our high standards of quality. When your members select from our network, they can rest easy knowing it’s a provider they can trust with their care.

Here are a few benefits to joining our network:

    Our credentialing process is extremely simple especially if you can provide us with CAQH numbers. The best part is that you only need to go thru credentialing once to participate in all our plans.
    By joining our network you have access to join plans that are exclusive to our providers. This means an increase in membership for you and a reduction in potential lost revenue.
    You get to decide which plans you want to participate in, and if you change your mind you can easily opt out of the plan or terminate the agreement.
    By joining an Alivi Network you will be assigned a dedicated Provider Relations Rep which you can easily reach to answer questions and get assistance regardless of the plans you’re participating in.
    We pay out claims on a weekly basis with an industry leading 98% clean claim rate. We’re grateful for the quality service you provide our members and we want to make sure you are taken care of too.

Provider Portal

You can click here to access resources, and streamline your experience effortlessly.

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