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Join Alivi's Network as a Transportation Provider. Partner with us to drive change and transform communities!

Make a Difference in Your Community and Grow Your Business.

Are you passionate about making a positive impact? And about better healthcare and solving transportation challenges? Join Alivi’s Network as a Transportation Provider, partner with us to drive change and transform communities!

If so, we invite you to join our dedicated team and become a vital part of bridging the gap to essential services. By partnering with Alivi NEMT, you not only contribute to the well-being of your community but also open doors to numerous resources that can help your business flourish, creating a reliable source of income.

Alivi's Network Transportation Provider

Join Alivi Transportation

Join Alivi NEMT’s network of compassionate providers today! Contact us to start your journey towards driving positive change and ensuring essential services for your community.


Business Growth

Dedicated routing and provider relations team to help grow your business.

Steady Revenue Stream

Improved and consistent revenue stream.

Simplified Trips

Simplified trip assignments and potential facility sole source opportunities.

Market Expansion Opportunities

Growth expansions into new markets based on performance metrics.

Integrated Technology

Integration with key technology systems for efficient route planning and reduced expenses.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Access to insurance carriers, ensuring competitive insurance rates and cost savings.

Workforce Training

Training and education materials for a top-notch, safe, and reliable workforce.

Preferred Provider Network

Join the Alivi Preferred Provider Network for future cost-saving opportunities.

Provider Portal

If you’re an existing Transportation Provider, you can access your Provider Portal. Manage services, access resources, and streamline your experience effortlessly.

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