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A Serious Problem for Health Plans

Managed Care Organizations are tasked with managing and improving their members health while containing costs. The lack of clear solutions combined with an increasing membership can make these organizations feel frustrated. At Alivi we believe that no Health Plan should have to tackle these challenges alone. We've developed solutions to provide support in the provision & coordination of care, with a focus on innovation.


Adequate access to various medical services is crucial for improving health. We develop Ancillary Networks based on your members needs, so they don't have to worry about their next visit.


We understand what health organizations face when dealing with factors like care gaps and claim productivity. We provide crucial back-office services including EDI, claim adjudication, UM, and recovery analytics to help you reduce waste and improve outcomes.


We leverage our team's technological background in IT and software development to develop proprietary solutions for other determinants of health, such as our NEMT platform.

How We've Helped Our Clients

Alivi has helped manage the care of over one million lives and counting through our NEMT, BPO, and Ancillary Network solutions. All of our solutions are developed with one goal in mind; to help get the right person, to the right care.

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Our solutions provide you with support in the provision & coordination of your members care.

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We believe in adding value to the organizations we partner with, and improving the outcome of the lives we manage. If your organization is in need of managed care services, do not hesitate to reach out.